VisTab School Management is a simple and easy to use sign-in procedure for your school.  It records the relevant information for pupils leaving during the day and visitors and relievers coming and going, allowing the school to access critical information for health & safety or in the event of an emergency evacuation.


  • vistab-timesheets-cobham-intermediate-youtube0712VisTab can upload all your staff and students for quick and easy use of the system.
  • Keep a log of all pupils that leave the school for any reason, eg appointments, music lessons, sick leave.
  • In an emergency know exactly who should be at school and who has checked out.
  • VisTab also keeps all content and data on the tablet in case you lose your internet during an emergency.
  • VisTab can integrate with your student management system (SMS).
  • Instant access to do roll calls by remote and on other mobile devices.
  • vistab-timesheets-cobham-intermediate-youtube0890Know when relieving teachers have come and gone (the system will create time-sheets for you).
  • Permanent access to information stored in the cloud.
  • Access to statistics and respective details if required.
  • Free your up front office staff as the VisTab is self-explanatory.
  • Repeat Visitor, save time Sign in with an ID code, QR code, your Student number or employee number, the choice is endless.
  • Staff can sign in and out with their phones.
  • Student lateness, have a button for student lateness, late students fill in their details for lateness and if you vistab-timesheets-cobham-intermediate-youtube2001choose the printer option it will print off a late pass.
Watch all of our Case Study videos below, to see how VisTab can work for your school.