Offices & Factories Visitor Management, is an easy to use and fully customisable visitor management system for your office, factory or warehouse: the professional way of handling your visitors and enhancing your corporate image.

The VisTab tablet replaces any manual visitor sign in system, such as a visitor book, clipboard or whiteboard.

  • li0550-2If your reception area is unmanned, VisTab makes it easy for visitors, staff members, and contractors to sign in and out.
  • Have the tablet anywhere in the office where there is a sign in book.
  • Multiple entry and exit points if required.
  • Have different questions for different types of visitors to your office, e.g you may just want to know a staff members ID code and VisTab can do the rest, or you may want to collect Visitor information e.g their cell phone number, who they are visiting, the choice is endless.
  • li0591-2Easy for company Reps to enter their details.
  • Print out visitor labels.
  • Great for companies to monitor the movement of contractors and visitors.
  • Easy for management to do reports and time sheets from our easy to use login area.
  • VisTab tablet replaces any manual clock in and out system.
  • Easy to track who’s on site from any PC, Tablet, Laptop or internet capable device.
  • Have all your own branding displayed on the tablet.
  • li1038-2Display Health and Safety messages.
  • Get your visitors to accept your Health and Safety messages and anything else you may require.
  • Customise any question on the tablet.
  • Ask as many or as few questions as you require on sign in or sign out.
  • The ability for data integration.
  • Integrate to active directory
  • Timesheeting to your requirements